Safety to perform maintenance, inspection and repair of wind turbines at height

Safety / Quality

At Ouros, safety comes first and we attach great importance to quality. That is why all work on your site is carried out by trained technicians. We only use recognized training organizations to train our staff and they also follow a structured training plan.

From the first day technicians step into our office, safety is our top priority. Before starting to work with a cherry picker or a service platform, they receive extensive training. Refresher courses are also given on a regular basis in order to preserve knowledge. Within the company, we work according to the VCA standard, in which safety is an important part. For the wind industry, we ensure that our technicians are trained in accordance with the GWO. The technicians who work regularly in France, have all undergone SST training so that we can also work for our French customers, in compliance with their regulations.


Wind turbine blades are an important part of your turbine. This is why the quality of the repair or inspection carried out is of great importance. Quality is also part of the VCA standard that we follow, which is why all our blade engineers receive extensive training and regularly have refreshes courses in repairing your blades and using the latest techniques and products. The training of our technicians is done only by known organizations and for the materials we only use recognized suppliers and brands.



Perform blade inspections with cherry pickers / aerial platforms on various types of wind turbines


Carrying out repairs to wind turbine blades


Cleaning windmill blades and towers and repairing paint damage

Rental Service

Rental of aerial platforms used in the windmill industry both onshore and offshore

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