Rental service of aerial platforms and service platforms for the maintenance, inspection and repair of wind turbines at height

Rental service

The basis of Ouros is in the rental of cherry pickers used in the wind industry as a means of access to work on wind turbine blades and towers. The rental of means of access continues to be part of the activities of Ouros.
Cherry pickers

Especially in summer, the rental of cherry pickers is an important part of the work within Ouros.
For this, Ouros collaborates with Maes Hoogwerkers, which is part of the same Groep Maes family. Thanks to the large fleet of cherry pickers (one of the largest in Europe), we always have the right cherry picker to give you access to your blade or wind turbine. From a height of 15m up to a height of 103m and all intermediate heights can be rented from us for a short or longer period. All our operators have the necessary certificates and are also continuously trained to bring you safely to the desired height.

Service platform

Since 2019, Ouros also has service platforms of the WP Systems Terra 1 type. With this service platform, you can work on wind turbines up to a height of 150m.
These platforms are fully closable and have internal heating and lighting. This gives you the ability to carry out your repairs safely and correctly, even in rainy and wintery conditions. As a result, you do not have to postpone repairs until summer, but you can also carry out planned and/or unplanned repairs in winter, which only improves the performance of your turbine.



Perform blade inspections with cherry pickers / aerial platforms on various types of wind turbines


Carrying out repairs to wind turbine blades


Cleaning windmill blades and towers and repairing paint damage

Rental Service

Rental of aerial platforms used in the windmill industry both onshore and offshore

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